304 thoughts on “Snowmobile Trail Conditions

  1. I read on anther blog that it is good luck when your first drink at the Bergland Bay Bar is a Blonde Tom. Can’t wait to have my first one of the season! See you and the snow very soon.

  2. Sorry to read about your father passing away. He’s in a better place now. See you when the snow flys and can’t wait for a beef sandwich. Take care.

  3. Tom…ya win some….ya lose some…. all I got to say is…..BOOBIES!!!!! LOVE YA….LOVE YOUR SHOW TOM!!! BBB is the BREAST…..I mean best…oops.

  4. Tom you have many women that visit your site why do you feel you need to post naked women often ! Your site is very informative to thousands of people ! It would be nice to know Toms site as a great information site not nudity ! Thank Annette

    • I am sorry Annette, I know that I do not appeal to everyone. And I cannot. You see it as nudity and I see it as humor. Right now there is not much too write about and I came across this as funny as hell. Sorry if I offended you, but I do put a lot of time and money into my site, and I am who I am. If I had a lot of comments about not liking nudity, polotical jokes or swearing maybe I would change my ways, I try to do things in good taste but I realize what I do is not good for everyone. You do not like nudity, should I change that for you? Some of the local businesses do not like me writing negitive reports on the trail conditions and weather, should I change that for them too?

      • Thank You Tom I understand you can’t make everyone happy ! We Love your site I’m kinda with your Mom on this one lol I just feel everyone loves you and you can get any point across in a different way ! Thank you ! Annette

    • A big thanks to Tom for putting us up, & putting up with us. We were somewhat stranded tues night, not feeling safe enough to head back to rockland. Then on wednesday had a sled go down & waited for it to be fixed… @ the BBB we sat all day until 9:00 when sled was done. We made it back (finally) & went up to houghton & back on thur. Thanks again Tom & Becker See you soon

  5. Heading up Fri thru Monday, doing this one solo!! Hmu if u wanna ride power lines round Marenisco. This will be a seek out powder and destroy mission… I was up a few weeks ago and everything was tracked up, hoping I can find fresh this time. Thanks Tom… I check in every day, to your report..

    • There is 3 of us coming fri-sun….you want a group to ride with? We are the new Prague boys staying at the gogebic motel/….call me at 612-282-9918…be up Friday at noon!!! Looking for anything off trail. We are Shane, Chris, and Nick…talk soon!

  6. Hey tom do u have any lodging open from wensday to sunday morning ? we coming up get the beef ready an tell the amazing kristie to get her great personality ready…. also need a sleds of anarchy T-shirt in xxxl. See ya in a couple days…….

  7. Rode bergland to copper harbor 3-9-13
    13 to 3 to 17 to 3 all trails were excellent.
    Little rain sleet sat night. Trails held up.
    We went out to the point which was surprisingly groomed. Then 134 to 132 to 133 to 122 to 3 to 13. Bill Nichols and 13 from Greenland to bergland were rough today. The 13 loop from twin lakes to Greenland was Awesome. Gotta go, time for Beef and beer time at the BBB.

  8. Had a good ride today from Ironwood over to the BBB. Trails holding up so far. Hit a little rain around Wakefield on the way back, but now snowing hard in Ironwood!
    Tom, glad you had a good snowmobile trip!

  9. Good to know the trails will hold up thru this weekend. At least two of us Iowa boys will be in to see you this weekend, well not you but Becker for sure!

  10. So the final count we got was 524 trailers heading northbound from Mercer to the Illinois border and the majority were 4 place trailers. We got out just in time! The beef,beers and hospitality at BBB were Awesome! I think The Amazing Christy might of lost something Tom…we were heading north to The Porkys from Bergland and on a PRIVATE DRIVE sign was a nice set of red BBB thongs hanging from the sign…LOL! Trails were PERFECT…And Bond Falls is a MUST SEE off of trail 3! Had a blast at Gogebic Lodge with Brian,Big D,Dj and Tina…never a dull moment over there…Batman and Superman stopped in via snowmobile..LOL. GOD BLESS GOD’S COUNTRY!

    • I think there was a little more to the story of the ski-doo than just hitting an ice heave. Sorry but I am not going to comment on it. Let’s just leave it as things turned out for the best. (except for the sled)

  11. Better get ALOT of beef ready Tom!!! Heading home…south on 39/51 and have counted 354 trailors going northbound and I’m just south of Wausau!!! WOW!!!

  12. Been riding since Sunday with snow over night and today. The trails are in excellent condition and a lot of fun. Stopped in and met Tom tonight at the Bergland Bay Bar, thanked him for the trail conditions, bought a ‘Sleds of Anarchy’ t-shirt and had couple cold beers! Thanks Tom! Keep up the great work.

  13. It’s as good as it gets up here right now. Huge reward for weekday riding. Got warm yesterday and then the temps crashed and snow turned on. Snowed like mad all day, still Snowing. Hats off to the clubs and groomers. Big thanks to Tom of the Bergland bay bar for his honest, accurate and entertaining reports all year long. Thanks tom!

  14. Once again like everyone is saying trails are great. Rode 6 from presque Isle to bents camp all smooth and groomed cut across the cisco chain to 13 towards bergland, again all smooth. ran into the groomer at the root celler and then headed towards wakefield. took 11s back towards presque Isle. Huge thanks to the groomers, seems like they are working day and night to make up for the short season. I can’t tell you how long this will last but I know the clubs will continue to work hard as always. Glad to hear 11N is groomed thats a nice ride when smooth and a bitch when bumpy.

  15. 11N trail.. Just an update , we rode from Ironwood late this morning up trail 11N. Caught up to the groomer about 1/3 the way up to South Boundary Road. It was great till we passed him, so “assume” it is now groomed all the way up to South Boundary Road (trail 11) BTW South Boundary Road (11) was great to silver city. Trail 1 down to BBB and on to Marenisco great. Trail 2 from Marenisco to Ironwood good too!

    • I think that I clicked on donate just as you were riding down trail #8 just north of my house in Merriweather. Next time you do this get a hold of me in advance and I will see if i can help out in some way. Thanks for what you are doing,Tom

      • Tom
        Thanks for the donation and for offering to help! I talked to Nick (founder of the event) this morning and he is going to get in touch with you. He said he will either call or drop by to talk in person.

        Trail report – we rode 520 miles yesterday and every trail was PERFECT, except one that had 15 miles of small bumps. We saw no LESS than 13 different groomers during our ride. We started in Ironwood, went to Copper Harbor, back to Bruce Crossing, down to Watersmeet and then back to Ironwood (with some loops in between). For those of you that were complaining about the trails and grooming earlier this year, get up here NOW! You will NEVER see better conditions than they have right now. Thank you to everyone who donated to the Snowball Cancer ride, it is greatly appreciated! I’ll be uploading a map and some videos of our ride later today here: http://www.snowsnakes.com/blog/

    • We have been coming to the Bergland area from Indianapolis to ride for 10 years. We rode Sunday – Tuesday and absolutley the best trails we have ever ridden (excepting God-awful Trail 11). Thanks to all the groomers and our friends at the Bergland Bay Bar and Timberline Motorsports. Can’t wait to see you next year!

  16. Lena was teaching a Sunday class of 7 yr old youngsters
    To lenas dismay, little ingebrand began prattling some very vulgar words.
    Uff da said Lena you shouldn’t say tings like dat, you don’t even know what dey mean
    Yes I do said the youngster , they mean that dads Polaris won’t start.

  17. We rode threw the area Saturday and Sunday. The majority of the trails were in very good condition. The trails around Rockland were the worst on the way up and the way back. Two thumbs up for the groomers. Wish we didn’t get caught in the sleet on Sunday thought!

  18. Annual club saddlebag trip last Thursday Friday and Saturday. Watersmeet to Krupps to Baraga and back to Watersmeet. Table top smooth and tons of snow. Hats off to groomers! Had a BLAST!!m

  19. Had another great weekend, rode trail 1 from Presque Isle to Bergland with mostly perfect trails. Again hats off to Marlin and Mark at Timberline Sports. Had a Rave Valve nut recall on the 2012 800 etek and stoped in fixed right away with no questions. Extremly happy with those guys. took the trail towards wakefield and again smooth all the way into Ironwood. Jumped on the trail toward the Gile flowage and rode south to Fat boyz and trails were perfect until later in the day then with lots of traffic started to show some wear. From mercer to manitowish waters again smooth. I can’t say ever had i had two weekends with smooth trails. Now the bad. rode from mercer towards springsted and holy crap I thought I was going to lose a kidney. They were rough with large rocks, pieces of wood, dirt chunks so we jumped on the flowage and came back around to mercer. from mercer to manitowish waters was great. End of trip. I will be heading up once again to see the bents camp radar run if its this weekend. I cant find on the website when it is

  20. trail 102 out of bergland was great! meet groomer on the way. Flat and fast except for most of the turn signs are gone from last year. Watch out for a couple 90 degree turns unmarked! 11N near the ski resorts was terrible as usual. We took 8 back from bessimer to bergland and it was greatt, also passed a groomer. Great ride today but it was sleeting , hoping snow will fall tonight

    • Great ride today from Ironwood to the BBB(Tom and Becker were great as usual) Thanks Tom. Rode the lake south (watch out for the ice heaves)
      over to Marenisco and back to Ironwood. Trails were perfect!

      • Trails around the lake were great!! Snowing to beat hell now.. catch us at the BBB later On Feb 10, 2013 6:50 PM, “Bergland Bay Bar Snowmobile Blog” wrote:

        > ** > dusterdj commented: “Great ride today from Ironwood to the BBB(Tom and > Becker were great as usual) Thanks Tom. Rode the lake south (watch out for > the ice heaves) over to Marenisco and back to Ironwood. Trails were > perfect!”

  21. Rode 600 miles. Little rough around Wakefield Friday, everything else seemed to be very good to excellent around Gogebic… Very busy, but I didn’t experience the lack of grooming others were complaining about, they are obviously working very hard to keep the trails up. Thanks tom for another fantastic weekend at the Bergland bay bar.

    Mark at Timberline sports deserves props. I broke the rollers in my secondary on Friday at 3:00. Mark didn’t have the parts to fix it, but he spent 45 minutes on the phone trying to find a dealer that had them. Mark ended up having one of his friends get off the highway in tomahawk to pick them up on their way from Chicago. Mark fixed it first thing sat morning and saved my weekend! They treat everyone great,, if your buying a $2 light bulb or a $12,000 sled. Marlin, mark and the whole operation continue to impress. Thanks again!

  22. Hey hoping to finally get up there this weekend! Went up north of Houghton a few weeks ago. Looks like you all are gonna get a load more! Ill keep checking this out for reports, etc! Thanks!

  23. Hey spoiled. First of all, if you feel the need to have riders signal to you, then you are going too fast. In reality, why do you need to know how many people are coming? And how many times has the last person not known there was another group behind him? If you ride responsibly, you shouldn’t need to know who else is out there

    • AMEN! I can’t tell you how many times times I’ve had people flying by with one hand on the bar , barely in control waving fingers at me . this is not the time to have one hand controling your sled , but it is not all the riders fault – the DNR training programs around the counrty actually promote this! new riders just dont’ know any better – yet-

    • My 2 cents worth. We are sharing a trail that is just wide enough to accommodate two snowmobiles. These sleds are capable of very high speed. When passing sleds going the opposite direction it seems to me a reduction in speed is in order. If the speed we are going requires two hands to remain in control, we may be going too fast. At least wait until we are not sharing the trail with opposite traffic until we once again “pin it”. Just the thoughts from an old man who likes to go fast and wants to get older. Oh, by the way….this is a great forum….BBB is a great establishment.

      • Finally a response from someone with some common sense….not just a half witted, short sighted, “I can beat you to the bar” mentality!

        Really amazes me that anybody could find issues with my original post! I love this sport….I love the u.p. area….I love to live! Bottom line, if you are going too fast to signal oncoming riders….you are going too fast! This has nothing to do with the safety in letting go of the handle for a split second. Letting go of the handle SHOULDN’T be a problem….IF……you are controlling your speed!

  24. We have been on the UP Trails from 01/27 to 02/01. We are from Germany and it was the 4th time doing it. Some Trails were in good conditions some a little bumpy and a few really bad. Whatever it depends not on the snow or the Trail conditions – we think it depends on what you make of it. We had a lot of fun and met a lot of people talking to us.
    The Trail into the BBB is always groomed. Thank You Becker and Tom for the great Time. You both (and the Amazing Kristi) do a great Job. And you are one of the most important reason for us to come up to the UP. (And it is not easy for us to come). We hope to keep coming for a long time.
    Annette and Olaf
    PS. Excuse my bad English – I´ll try to improve…..

    • No need to improve Olaf, we love you just the way you are. We are glad you and Annette had fun, I just wish we had more time to spend with you guys, Maybe one of these years Becker and I can take the trip with you.

  25. The trails are great…..best all year! Definitely issues in certain areas….but they are well documented and avoidable. Overall, it doesn’t get any better than this. The western U.P. business people are great. Tom and the BBB….Marlin and Mark at Timberline Sports are the absolute best….

    Gas….is an issue. The Hoop has stepped it up with 90 octane….Gogebic Lodge and the Root Cellar have had 90+ for years. Konteka unfortunately is only 87….which is an issue for high performance sleds. Now that the Bergland Mobil has closed, the Oasis in town is having a hard time keeping premium in stock.

    Finally…getting on my soap box…..if you are going too fast to signal your rider count to oncoming traffic….you are going too FUCKING fast! Every body rides at different speeds…that’s great! But….whatever that is…..MUST be based on your own ability. C’mon people….practice proper etiquette before we lose this great sport!

    Ok….I’m done!

  26. i’ve been going too the bergland area for 10 years now .some years have been fantastic others just ok . but i would never let a couple bad trail reports keep me from riding some of the best trails around . there are so many ways to go and differant trails to ride you can always find somthing good. i’ll be up there this weekend riding and visiting with some of the best people around at the B.B.B. !!!

    • This blog has been very helpful. We have a cabin in Mercer and rode those trails last weekend..they were very good. Now we are heading up for a week of midweek riding..which is usually the best. Wanting to ride from Mercer to Copper Harbor on Wed/Thurs so just checking on whether grooming situation is getting better. Thanks.

    • I’m also going up this weekend and want to get to rockland and perhaps further east. I hope they get things fixed, WI trails are always better because of the number of clubs and the smaller foot print to groom. Whats up with the Root Celler, I use to love the food there and I stopped in twice this year and will not return, I didn’t get bad service, just bad food. Use to love the place now finding someplace new. Always have good food at the Konteka in White Pine.

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