304 thoughts on “Snowmobile Trail Conditions

  1. I want to come up this weekend, Stay at the Root Cellar and rip it. But… I don’t want to spend $1000 and drive 14 hours round trip for shit……. Please tell me it will be worth it.. I’d like to come Friday night thru Tuesday and make it to Copper Harbor at least once…. Sled is dialed, new bergstrom skegs, its staring at me saying please floor me please floor me…..

    • We are in the same boat as you are. With all the conflicting posts I have read I am wondering what’s going on. Bottom line my husband and I are going to come up and give it a whirl.. I’m pretty positive there’s gotta be some good trails somewhere up in that area.

      • I am thinking the same. Anything beats staring at the sled in my garage. Reading some posts here scares me though. I guess everyone has different opinions of whats acceptable. The suspension on my renegade is like a Cadillac but don’t think I can do 5 foot high moguls all day.

      • if I was going to do 5 foot Mogles, I would have become a snowmobile racer. Haha.. after 2 not riding at all last year we are both ready to go.. just had some work done on both of our sleds to get them ready, so we’re going to be up there!

      • As someone who puts on 2,000-3,000 miles a season in the U.P. I can tell you there are almost always good trails somewhere. The KEY is to stay AWAY from the crowds. If you like to bar hop, that is hard to do. You have to be willing to ride the trails where you don’t see anyone or anything (gas) for 50 miles. It also helps if you get on the trail before 9am. We like to put on most of our miles and be back before dark, it makes for a much easier day.

        I believe the posters above (certain trails being rough), that can happen on any day with any club. I’ve always had good luck with the Watersmeet system and Bergland area. It sounds like it was rough there lately, but they’ll get it figured out. If you think you are going to ride to Hurley (or any other hot spot) and not get beat up, dream on.

        The bumps are all relative. It has a lot to do with the equipment you are riding. If I take out the 2001 SRX (no suspension), I get my butt beat all day. If I ride the 2011 GSX with air ride suspension (on the exact same trails) I can go a lot further and feel great the next day. Rider rear vs. rider forward sleds are apples to oranges.

        I’ll be up on Valentines Day to do the Snowball Cancer 500+ mile ride http://www.snowballcancer.org . I’ll shoot some videos and upload them.

      • I like to ride 150+ miles a day so 50 miles of nothing is fine by me. Now to find somewhere to stay πŸ™‚

    • I did hit Waupun WI (dodge co) area once this season and for a 3 hour drive it was awesome. No boondocking but plenty of miles of groomed trails. Decisions….

    • I would take 50 miles of 8′ moguls and sleep on the floor at the Gogebic Motel before stepping foot or spending a dime in the Root Cellar. The owner is the definition of complete ass.

      • F-ck the root celler!!! All of Toms places are rented so try Gogebic Lodge…Brian and Don are go people and theres never a dull moment over there! Goodtimes livin the lodge live!

  2. I hate to share this guys but we were up last weekend 1st-3rd !

    Stayed in Bessemer
    Friday night dipped into Wisconsin till late and on the way back we did come across a groomer on 2 ironwood/Wakefield are trails in Wisconsin were good too great Saturday are plan was too take 11N too lake in the clouds but after 2 miles turned around moguls 5ft. high jumped back onto 2 and headed to marenisco after reading blogs and talking too riders at bam bams decided too dip back into Wisconsin presquile and boulder junction area and trails were freaking unbelievable but that said wouldn’t compare too 2 years ago groomed trails in are beloved U-P ! Came up through mercer and Hurley got back onto 2 headed home 2 was bad but expected Sunday morning heading back too mercer 2 still wasn’t groomed how the *uck can’t that be groomed by 9:00am ? Keep in mind we were wanting too stay in your area all weekend especially with the radar at the lodge
    This never use to be like this I gaurantee there is no place that sells as many trail stickers as the U-P of MICH gosh darn can’t this money be tracked I’m also wondering if there some kind of legal action some of you business owners could do the state is actually preventing money into your registers into tip jars fuck taxes back too them I just don’t get it’s just mind boggling us FIB’s spend alot of money ; sleds ,trailers ,trucks ,upkeep on all !!!
    Good luck at your bureaucratic meeting I guarantee it’ll just piss you guys off even more trust me I’m from Illinois I know this shit

    F.Y.i. If anyone needs repairs done and your on border of u-p and wis. boulder marine in boulder junction fast good and pretty darn cheap !
    Tom were heading back up in march if trails aren’t better we will just drive over for the beef , again good luck

    • I don’t see a need to reply to all of the negative posts because in general I agree with most all of what you guys are saying. With the exception of Adam saying good luck with your “bureaucratic meeting”. If I thought it was bureaucratic bullshit I wouldn’t be wasting my time.

      If I didn’t care about what the conditions you guys ride on were, I wouldn’t have put a blog online so you could write and let others know.

      I am going to try and do what I can, that is all I can say.

    • I was also riding this past weekend but had a rather good experience. Our cabin is in Presque Isle,WI and we rode trail 1 from there to marinesco to bergland to white pine. trail 1 was groomed and awesome. we left the Konteka towards silver city and pick up the south boundry road trail which is always good, from there took 102 back to bergland and then trail 1 home. I have to say it was the best trails i have seen in that area in years. Two weeks ago that route sucked bad. rode to sayner on sunday and WI trails all groomed and good condition.

      • We were gonna take that route 1 too and someone said it was bad we had two 12 year olds and a 14 year old with us and after the lil ride on 11N we bailed read reviews then went south too bad that’s all the kids wanted too see was lake in the clouds we will be back in a month keep us posted tom how the meeting goes I guess I’m just use too illinois politics

  3. Tom, I appreciate you putting this blog out there. I would of thought these problems would have been dealt with pre-season- its been a tough s
    tart the past two years for you business owners as well us sledders we put a lot of effort an spend a ton of money to make these trips possible. We are sledders we will find the next best place if Michigan can’t get it together. I love the gogebic area, my favorite!! But I have canceled our reservations for the week of Feb 21 thru 25, I’ll continue to read an hope things change..

  4. Yikes- that’s not what I wanted to read tonight. We have a trip booked from Ironwood to Copper Harbor this coming weekend. May have to make some phone calls and see if I can find a place open in WI. That’s really too bad for the local economy. The Lake Gogebic area trails were always my favorite. I haven’t been north in 6 years and things can change, I guess. The last thing I want to do is waste my time on moguls all weekend…

    • We too were planning on comming up this weekend. Watersmeet to Copper Harbor via BBB. We hope to hear some good news on trail conditions this week. The UP is always our favorite place to ride. We also feel the same way, as we don’t want to waste our time on torn up trails all weekend.

    • You will neverake it to copper if you are there on a weekend day. Had same trip planned last weekend….after 80 miles of pure mogels we gave up and stayed in Houghton. Good luck.

      • Nick,

        Did you ride north of Houghton? I heard the trails north to Copper Harbor are good. Just wondreing if that is true, or should we stay in Wisconsin?

      • We rode from Hancock to Copper Harbor on Saturday 2/2 and the trails were in excellent condition the entire way. You go as fast as you wanted. We even ran into a groomer about half way on the way back with maybe 2 sleds ahead of us the entire way back to Hancock, needless to say the trail was as good as it will ever get. We also rode from Hancock to Big Bay (257 miles) on Friday and again in general the trails were excellent. Couple spots got a little bumpy but overall I would give the trails as a whole an 8 out of 10. Looks like you guys in the western UP need to head north and east (well maybe you should stay West as we have another trip planned for the weekend of 2/22-2/24). Stay safe out there and there are still some great trails left in the UP. Just get away from the crowds.

    • try erringtons resort in star lake, west of conover about 14 miles. tell them jan sent you. great place and bar withing walking distance. close enough to cruise up to BBB too if the trails are good.

      • Hank,

        When I was up 2 groomers were down north of Houghton and there was a million people up and it was a Saturday so our luck was against us. I sure you will get tons of positive and negitives reports. My advice is to keep going north and ask other riders what is good. There are tons of places to stay north of Houghon if the trails get crappy. Good luck.

  5. DNR = Do Not Ride
    Any guesses as to where they might spend the money paid for trail passes this year? It OBVIOUSLY hasn’t been applied to the trail system as of recent. How much did the DNR waste of OUR hard earned $ removing signage from the trails? FUBAR

  6. Hoping to hear some positive things about the trails.. 6 1/2 hour venture is ahead of us weekend! It’s been 2 years since we were last up there. Didn’t ride at all last year.. need to visit the BBB…

  7. My son had never ridden in the UP – brought him up last week. out of 194 miles we road in one day 150+ were some of the worst I have ridden in 10 years. Unbelievable. we came up through Presque Isle on trail 1 (which is never real great due to use) and it stood up to its past and was gritty and rough. Little did we know it would be one of the better ones until Marinesco. Marinesco to Lake gogebic was really mogully and we decided to jump off ASAP at the boat landing on the south tip of Gogebic. Road up Gogebic and back on 1 to Silver City. Was pretty content until Passing White Pine and the trail turned into a hammer mill. A brief relief was had by riding on the shoulder along the road from Silver City to Trail 11 (South Boundary road thru the Porkies) We were looking forward to this trail cuzz in years past it has usually been superior. It was a battering ram and we couldn’t wait to get to Wakefield and NOT have to take the trail from Bergland to Wakefield – but wait – Trail 11 was pretty much unuseable from the Ontonagan County line west cuzz it was scraped to bare asphalt and the rest of the trail was uncleared. We met a bunch of people unloading at a park and ride area someone plowed out. They told us not to try 11 to wakefield unless we were in the market for new skis. Be real nice if they wouldn’t put a trail on the map that was going to be shut down or at least a sign telling you before you run down it. We turned around and bounced back down 11 to trail 102 – which at this time was a pleasant surprise. Then we got the grand finale and went from Merriweather to Bergland on that embarrassment of a trail. I have never been so glad to arrive in town to ride on snirty gritty trails that were not going to shrink my spine. We went straight into Hurley and onto the wisconsin trails for a smooth ride the rest of the way in heavy system snow. wasted 45 bucks on 2 michigan stickers – I dont intend on coming back for quite a while. I hope your business doesn’t suffer but there are wisconsin clubs that are looking for excuses to go out and groom while it seems that the people responsible for running the western UP grooming are looking for excuses NOT to groom. Seems to be the same story every year. How come Wisconsin clubs rarely have grooming stopped because of a “broken” Groomer? Really – its like wtf,, I came here for this? Rode Iron and Vilas County for 5 days (Tues thru Sat) Night and day – saw more groomers on trails in one day then an entire season in the western UP. Tabletop trails – they got out and hit them when it was warm on tuesday night and leveled them off when they were soft. How come this wasn’t done in the western UP? Midweek – less riders to contend with, would have cleaned up the moguls in one night.

      • I was up in the UP a week or so ago. The trails were so bad I cancelled my trip for the end of February.

      • Tom thanks for taking the time and making the effort on our behalfs. I ride frequently in the area – conditions the last 2 seasons have been tough to tell someone to go to the western UP and ride. My son is 12 and this is his first year riding on the trails with us. He has been riding since he was 2 (no Kidding). I’ve been in your establishment a few times in the past – just recently discovered your trail reports and enjoy the humor. I will be up again – if we make it to Bergland I’ll be sure to stop in and say Hi. BTW – on my prior post I meant to write “the trail from Meriweather to Wakefield” not ” Meriweather to Bergland”.- just thought I ought to clear that up – enough erroneous reports I’m sure.

    • All in all….trails are better than rideable. Coming from MN, (go ahead…take your shots), I have been enjoying the N.WI trails and Western UP trails for 15 years. At the end of the day, these are the best trails, best groomed trails and best bar owners, in Snowmobile land….PERIOD!

      That said, the grooming groups in all of these areas seem to be suffering more than any time before. There is PLENTY of snow! Not really sure what is going on….but the overall scheduling and trail maintenance are NOT what they have been in the past. If it’s a matter of money…..let’s get the MONEY PIGS going again! If the permit fees are not making ends meet…..let’s figure out a better way!

      Ultimately…..EVERYONE who comes to the Western UP….wants to experience the best! Whether we live here or are just visiting…..we should expect more. For those that are spending the time and money to make the trek North….they deserve more. Not really sure what is going on with the groomer groups….or if anyone is willing to take accountability….but…..there is a TON of businesses that are relying on this industry. Whatever the problems are…..get them figured out! EVERYONE suffers because of it.

  8. I figured out how to fix the groomer problem in Michigan ride Wisconsin the trails down there were in perfect condition all day. We came back through marinesco to Bessemer and as usual the trail was a piece of shit. Sorry but the MI groomers give me no choice Wisconsin trails from now on.

    • The MI trails have been good every year that we have been up there. They will get the groomer problems sorted out. MI trails are much bigger and safer than WI will ever be!

      • They may have been good before. But times have changed in the u.p . The clubs that are responsible should feel real stupid that all of the riders will be going somewhere else to ride. We were in munising for the first time in 8 years and the trails were unbelievable. And I am sure all the business owners around the western u.p thank you as well.

      • Perhaps he was just a bit jelous & was dreaming of how sweet another visit to the U.P. & the B3 would be!
        Anyway- thanks for being such a good host again this year, & yes the Bloodies & Bar Tendress are AMAZING!!! So was my Argo- if U remember the conversation. So, 472 miles- 2.6 day riding. What? (.6 days?)-F- Tuesday- it sucked- like golf balls through a garden hose- word!?!
        MN 3 out. Oh & R(ip) R(ip) hard- just stay within your limits please fellas!

  9. We were up Jan 26 – 29. Rode over 550 miles. Overall the trails were rough. We’ve been coming up to Gogebic the last 13 years and it used to be a norm to run into one or two groomers a day. Never seen one (around lake Gogebic)!! Trail 13 next to lake and to 101 rough. They say don’t even try to go through Rockland, so we never. 12 through Ontonagon was good. 3 going to Houghton was good. Freda loop was good. 13 from twin lakes to Greenland sucked. 107, 8, and 3 around Bond Falls was good. 15 north of iron river had some very thin spots. 2 out of watersmeet was good. 11N from lake of the clouds to 102 was like glass. 102 was the roughest I ever rode it. Trail through Silver City was excellent (believe that!!!). Trail 1 rough. That about sums it up. Probably all has changed now with the new snow.. More snow equals bigger moguls!!

  10. To the “locals” who bashed me for posting about trail conditions in the UP. Here are some facts. Apology Accepted!

    Good Morning Dave,

    I have to apologize for our Gogebic Range Trail Authority. They have a new president who is also the trailboss and he has lost a bunch of driver to groom. With both groomers being broke down and a lack of groomers our trails are suffering. If they don’t get things turned around we will lose a bunch of riders. I spoke with one of the groomers today and he told me hopefully things will change in Feb. Please give us another chance. This is the first year since I have been working with the WUPCVB more than ten years that we have had problems like this. Again I apologize. I know that doesn’t do you any good for the poor riding conditions but my office is aware of the situation.

    Donna Kauppi
    Western UP Convention & Visitor Bureau
    405 Lake Street
    Ironwood, MI 49938
    800-522-5657 906-932-4850
    —– Original Message —–

    • Thanks for posting. Its nice to see that at least someone is admitting to having a problem. You should post on JD so the “polititions” over there can come out of the closet.

    • Hello Donna, this is Tom from Bergland Bay Bar. Thank you very much for the post. I have had a lot of complaints from riders concerning trail condition in our area. Thank you for letting them know what is going on and that we are trying to do things to get them fixed. I am hoping our clubs can start working together more and try to help each other out, in fact we already have a meeting scheduled for Feb 12th. I am going to forward your post to JR Richardson and possibly get Gogebic Range involved too.

      • Thanks for all the “behind the scenes work”, Tom. You always have your thumb on the pulse of “our” sport. Keep up the good work!!

      • Donna did not post this, I did. It was an email to me after I refused to believe there was not some problems happening.

        I see that now Dan and Scott sorry, thank you for posting, but thank her for being honest about the situation too. We are getting together with a few of the clubs and the DNR next week.

  11. Watch for bad gas at Konteka. Our group was up over the weekend. I bought gas first thing from Konteka and ended up with a poor running engine. Took it to a local shop around the lake and found that I had water in my carbs. According to them another sled last week blew an engine and analysis of the gas found it to be 50% water. I was lucky. Others may not be.

    Get gas before you go north!

  12. 8 of us coming up Friday – Sunday bringing 3 kids with us fo their 1st time on trails were leaving from Blackjack ski hill we heard 11n sucks we want too get the kids up to lake in the clouds we’ve road logging roads in past if reports are still bad on 11N we want too take 102 back from lake in the clouds too BBB for beef and beer but does anyone know a good logging road via Wakefield too lake in the clouds ?

  13. DO NOT RIDE TO THE UP. Went from Ironwood today up to Greenland, over to Ontonagon and back. Trails have not been groomed since the weekend, with the exception of around Bergland, where they did a great job last night. Past there it is bad bad bad.
    Suggest you ride northern WI< they have been grooming.

  14. Just got home from the UP after 3 days. We rode all over from Houghton down to Watersmeet and everything in between. My opinion overall was the trail conditions are poor. But…..with the amount of people that are riding the trails you have to be u understanding and cut the groomers some slack. If your going up I would recommend riding as early in the a.m. as possible. By mid afternoon they are pretty beat up from all the traffic. We managed 400+ miles in 3 days. Also thank you Tom and Becker for the hospitality. The food, beer and service are why we keep coming back year after year.

    Until next time Cheers!! Nick,Scott and Janessa.

  15. Rocked in da UP Jan 20th-25. 487 awesome miles! It’s all about the timing. Thanks Tom for having everything under control.

  16. I can’t imagine any of the bar owners would like it very much if us FIB’s stop coming all together. I know this FIB spends about $500 at the bars when I come up for the weekends not to mention gas and oil.

    • Being a true Wisconsin native, back in the 1970’s we called them “FISH” instaed of FIB’s. Now living in Tennesse for the last 30 years and coming to snowmobile Gogebic, the rest of the UP, and Northern Wisconsin every year I wonder what we get to be called when we get there this Saturday?

      Ha Ha! Whatever, it just doesn’t get any better than snowmobiling and Bergland Bay Bar!!

  17. Was up this weekend and made it a point to stop in and try the beef sandwiches.Very Good!!
    We will definitely come back and help support your place, that’s the least we can do for all your efforts to keep us all posted on trail / weather conditions up there.
    Keep up the good work!

  18. Trails are very bad, with no sign of ANY groomers. We also heard that the groomers aren’t getting paid. Trail 8 hasn’t been groomed for three years, we have been told. What are they doing with the 45 bucks for the trail passes?!

      • Tom, Thanks for allowing people to speak their peace and tell the truth about the trails without being bashed by the local “politicians” like on other sites. 400 miles last weekend and 1 groomer in the U.P.! You and one other person told the truth about what is going on. Thanks for doing what you do!

  19. Just another comment on the trails this past weekend. No bashing here. Rode Friday morning and trails were NOT in shape to even start the weekend. Why, that I do not know.
    Have been hearing rumors of internal issues in the snowmobile clubs and many Groomer Operators quiting? And Groomers just sitting? Feel sorry for the business in the area.
    Just what I’ve been hearing around the area.

    • Thats what the problem is UP there. When the northern wisconsin doesnt have good snow, all the morons from illinois have to come up to da UP, and be served by more packer loving cheeseheads. Maybe if you guys didnt support the cheese packers, we wouldn’t be such FIB’s. Plus, it’s the FIB’s that keep it going along with all the locals. If the FIBs decided to drive to NWL, you’d we missing us. Not all sledders are smart and courteous, and not all FIB’s are fuck ups. I notice that the NWL does not have a trail full of beer drinking idiots that go out and fuck up. Did anyone UP there this year actually think things are going to be perfect? Its a lost season and the state of MI doesnt care about snowmobiling. Here in ILlinois, when they run the “come to mi” ads, they mention exploring 3000 miles of trails, on your snow skis, or they mention “downhill skiing”, but nothing about the 6000 miles of trails. Heres to all the careless drunks, and criminals, who go UP there and fuck things up. And heres to all the bars that make sure that haPPENS. Why don’t you blame your state officials.

      • I am not sure how to respond to this one BigGutter, I am and always will be a FIB myself to most of the Yoopers up here. I couldn’t give a shit where anyone is from or if you are related to me or my wife (who is from the UP). If a person is an asshole, I don’t want them in the bar, My experience has been that if a person pisses me off, they have already pissed off a few of my customers.

        Now for the second part of your comment, I couldn’t agree more. It really annoys me that the “pure Michigan” campaign is for non-motorized sports only and they receive big bucks from the sate of Michigan. Thank the tree-hugers and Environmentalists for that one. Snowmobilers support their own sport by buying trail stickers and a gas tax that is applied each time you fill up. On the other hand Cross country Skiing is supported by the state. I’d like to see what one of those would say if you charged them for a cross country trail pass. I’ll take the snowmobilers any day of the week.

        By the way our Gov. is on board and is serious about expanding snowmobile and ORV trails but he is fighting an uphill battle. The environmentalists have a lot of money. The DNR is also on-board, My experiences with them have been great.

        One last thought, leave football out of it, they are all a bunch of overpaid pre-madonnas. Except for Jay Cutler, just ask him LOL.

        OK one more last thought, Iowa has out numbered Illinois snowmobilers for the last few years by far. But we love all of you and appreciate the business.


      • I thought this was a trail report blog…?? positive lets have some fun reporting on the trails, not some douche bag that cant be an adult at the bar?? c’mon guys… lets leave the junior high shit at home and just have fun!

  20. Hope to have some hot beef tmrw, (Monday). The Yamaha’s from Wisconsin will be in town. Looking forward to the great hospitality at BBB!

    • I did talk to my bartender, and she told me you reached over the bar a couple of times to grab her and she told you to knock it off. The night before you grabbed me by the hair. I don’t know if that is except able where you come from but I am not putting up with it in my bar. If I am an asshole so be it, I don’t need your kind of business I guess.

  21. Rode to ontanagon and back through rockland to Hurley. The trails were a piece of shit. If you like groomed trails you won’t find them in Michigan. Thank god for liquid shocks.

    • There are a lot of sleds up here but it is still no excuse for areas that are not even trying to keep up. I am getting a lot of complaints at the bar Shawn, all I can say is there is someone working on fixing the problem, but I am sure it won’t be a quick fix.

    • Sorry guys but you want my undivided attention when I am busy as hell. But when you asked my bartender if she wanted to see your penis you are lucky I didn’t turn into a real DICK. I can be a real Fucking Asshole if you push me. I can’t please everybody I guess.

      • How the hell you piss off the best bar owner in the u.p. how can you not have a great time at bbb. I will bet Dino has loud pipes on his sled also πŸ™‚

  22. Rode from BBB to Houghton.
    13N to Rockland-poor also Henry’s has no Water so take a piss before you leave the cabin. Also I don’t recommend eating there

    -Took 3N from Rockland to Twin Lakes-very very poor.

    -continued north to Houghton and caught a room at the Ramada. That was the best ride all day. Poor to fair in some spots.

    Hope lots of groing gets done tonight.

  23. Tom,

    Can you change the file format of your princess, must be big? Bringing the network to a crawl. I believe you can just save it as a jpeg or something and re post. Thanks for the reports and stuff. Hope to see everyone soon.

    Cameron on SB

    • I figured it was Dan so I just put a link to it instead. Actually I think the girl with the big boobs was dragging it down LOL, They were all sweet as hell. And to think some guys bitch about female snowmobilers, they are welcome at the BBB anytime…..

  24. Hey Tom We will be up your way again starting Feb. 7th,was wondering if the grocery store is still open and selling gas.? I know the Mobile closed and that’s kind of a bummer,let me know Thanks Den

    • The grocery store is open and they do sell gas. When we were up last week, they ran out and the only close fuel was the 500 gallon tank at the Hoop. I’m sure it was a situation where they just weren’t prepared once the real snow started falling, hopefully they are all set now.

  25. Tom – The asshole that sent you an email regarding ads is probably on welfare, can’t afford to snowmobile and is likely using a free library computer because his x-wife took his. He obviously has no clue of what you put into making sure people are well hydrated, fed and informed…. and although it goes without saying, you are sexy as hell with wet hair.

    We all appreciate what you do -. screw him.


    • With Brian on that. Having not even met Tom (yet) He does more with his reports and site than that shit stick realizes. Thanks Tom, looking forward to meeting you guys at the BBB. Be there Monday for a week.

  26. Tom,

    Heading up saturday a.m. Dropping in bergland and headed to copper harbor for night then staying in bergland Sunday and Monday night. Where is a good spot to leave the truck and trailer over night? Thanks and looking forward to spending all my money on beef and beer at the BBB. Thanks.

    • Well you are probably screwed Nick. I will probably be out of beef by Sunday night. But you can drop your trailer in my parking lot, Just park as far south in the lot as you can and all the way back so I have room for sleds in the front of you.

      • Tom,

        3 of us coming from Iowa Thursday thru Saturday. Will you have beef by then?? Or am I going to be forced to drink my dinner again! LOL If Princess Tanya is still around I’ll buy her a drink or two.

    • We were rocking and rolling with Tom, Becker and Kristy this past Saturday night and had a blast. Trails I imagine have only gotten better and we are already looking forward till the next time we are UP der. Thanks again Tom and glad we could connect up!

  27. Hey guys from sycamore. 2 guys from Dekalb heading up to Bergland for the weekend. Party at Toms bergland bay bar. FYI big fishing tournament this weekend on gogebic

  28. Heading up to Watersmeet after work Friday, spend the night at the casino then figure out where to trailer to. Wanting to drop, ride, spend the night like up in Ontonagon area(or somewhere), then ride back to the trailer and head home Sunday. Leaving from Sycamore, IL, so looks like there will be a crew of nothern Illinoi-ers up there!!!

  29. Good morning to all. In Dekalb illinois staring at my sled wishing it was Thursday. Heading up to BBB. Snow is looking good W T F WERE R MY MORNING STRIPPERS TOMMY

  30. The STRIPPERS are what brought the cold and snow and you kicked them to the curb again ??? TOM! Not very nice 😦
    We love strippers…cold and snow πŸ™‚

      • Start selling your beef Tom!!! We need em back!

  31. Tom – The Bay Bar Web Cam is showing enough snowmobiles in your lot to open a dealership. Fantastic!!! It’s about time and congrats on the 20,000+ page views last Friday night.

  32. My husband & I left Bergland Saturday morn & rode to copper harbor & back in same day. Trails great till Calumet. A little ruff & thin in spots. Rocky mountain pass was great. Rode to Silver City and Lake of the Clouds on Sunday. Rode Forest road back. Was excellent! Of course we visited BBB! Tom & Becker are the best. The beef is good!! Thanks guys!

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